Dear Family and Friends,

Our wedding website started as just that, a website for our wedding. Originally this was a Tumblr set up to pull in photos tagged with #stwedding and house information about our wedding weekend. However, as our first year of marriage progressed we realized we wanted to turn into something more. It has always been our intention to curate memories and so in honor of our one year wedding anniversary on August 18th, we revamped and relaunched this site.

We had talked about using the site to capture the day to day of our lives, but the more we thought about it, we wanted it to appear as an exhibition. Many of our favorite moments over the past year have been opportunities to spend quality time with those we love. Many other favorite moments have been spent together, celebrating our first year of marriage as newlyweds and treating every spontaneous date night, every weekend getaway and every vacation as a “honeymoon.”

This project gave us time to reflect and appreciate each other. We talked about what it would be while hiking in the Catskills, during Vermont road trips, and on lazy Long Island beach days. We brainstormed versions of what it could look like, what we wanted to include and where it would live. Having projects and creating something to share publicly is a big part of what brought us together in the first place! Thinking back to our NOLAlicious days in New Orleans has provided us with an invaluable reminder of how important creative outlets are to us. When it came time to build this site out, we treated it like our own hackathon and sketched out the new site and executed it in a few days.

Looking back has been a tremendous exercise, but looking forward fills us with an incredible surge of energy and excitement. Life as a daring adventure or nothing has proven to be quite the adventure indeed!

Thanks for coming along on the ride.

With love and gratitude,

Sloane and Taylor

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