Dear Family and Friends,

This year started with a more low-key celebration than the previous years. We were in upstate New York, celebrating the end of summer but still reeling from the tremendously emotional toll this past year took on us and on those closest to us.

This is the year we said sudden, tragic and heartbreaking goodbyes to Taylor’s best friend Jeremy, Sloane’s dear friend Nathan plus Sloane’s beloved family home at Hidden Valley. It felt like every few months we were experiencing a new tragedy and holding onto each other more than ever. They say that hardship tests a marriage and we expected that in our lifetime together we would see sorrow and pain but it came sooner than we expected and really knocked the wind out of our sails.

Our friends and family (you reading this) really supported us and we are so grateful for your love and kindness through what was a tough year for everyone. Another shining light throughout the year was that immediately following Halloween weekend we adopted our sweet Piper Dauphine Davidson from a rescue shelter in NYC. Sloane (in particular) has been wanting a dog so badly that she almost created a whole business around dog adoption! Finding Piper has been nothing short of a miracle. She is a bundle of joy but also quickly stepped into the role of therapy dog and for that we know we are very lucky to have her.

Sloane spent a month in the Congo working on a project, Taylor continued to grow both his role as a VC and his financial models available online for download. Plus, we moved! Even it was just from 4N to 4K within our same building. Very New York of us! It’s a bigger one bedroom, a corner unit and we are happy for the extra space.

And maybe the biggest upswing of the year was that we spent as much time as possible in upstate New York helping out at Hill Hollow Farm. Sloane, having never gardened or farmed a day in her life, really took to farm life and we feel blessed and lucky to have had the space and flexibility in our schedules to have extended time outside of the city helping friends. It leads us back to where we are right now, sitting in Eagle Bridge, NY staring out at the trees while eating a home-cooked meal from mostly home-grown food watching Piper roll around in the grass and listening to the sounds of nature.

It wasn’t easy to get to this day, but we’re grateful to be here.


Sloane, Taylor and Piper

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