Dear Family and Friends,

This year had to be better than the last. While we grew as a couple and as individuals last year, we were really hoping to be able to see straight again and take a small step towards normalcy (or at least off the emotional rollercoaster). We absolutely acknowledge that our pain is nothing compared to those whom we love who lost so much, but nonetheless entering our third year of marriage we were hoping to find some peace.

Thus, we forged ahead. Sloane’s consulting took off, she had always had side projects but stepping away from agency life and into her own consulting gave her the opportunity to grow as a business person while extending her independence to continue to spend time upstate and not have to be in New York City 100% of the time. Taylor’s career also surged forward. His focus shifted from leading a venture fund to supporting entrepreneurs in his own consulting practice focused on finance for startups.

We started 2015 by spending all of January in Vermont. Crazy but we had someone request our apartment for the month via AirBnB (which we’ve used to great success) and decided to say yes. So we swapped the East Village for a little cabin we found outside Manchester, Vermont on a frozen stream and both continued to work remotely but added in daily hikes in the snowy woods, half-days skiing at Bromley and Mt. Snow and lots of cooking and baking in a kitchen much bigger than our own.

We traveled to Australia where Taylor spoke at the Do Lectures and we added in a few days in Melbourne and Sydney. We left feeling like we found a spot for our next sabbatical. Hey, always planning ahead! We went to New Orleans for Jazz Fest and to see friends and also built in weekend trips around NYC camping and exploring.

By far the biggest change of our lives came with the news that we were expecting a baby! Baby Davidson is due December 2015 so next year’s update will surely be filled with lots of baby updates. Finding out about the baby also helped us make a decision we had been thinking about for awhile - leaving New York. We love the city but craved more outdoor space and the opportunity to be closer to family while still building out our careers. Once the wheels were in motion it happened quickly. We bought a house in the Highland Park neighborhood of Pittsburgh and actually closed on the house on our anniversary. So that’s as far as this story - and this year - takes us.

Suffice to say, the best is yet to come!


Sloane, Taylor, Piper and Baby

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